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The Different Types of Silicone Sealant and Their Uses

Silicone sealant is a strong liquid adhesive that acts like a gel. Unlike other adhesives, silicone maintains its elasticity and stability at high and low temperatures. That is, it retains its properties at temperatures from -30 0 С to +60 0 С, has very high elasticity, moisture resistance and durability.In addition, silicone sealant is resistant to other chemicals, moisture and weather. So it will last a long time
Silicone sealants should not be painted after curing because the paint will peel off of them. Therefore, a large number of sealants of various colors are produced. You should know that when cured, the silicone sealant becomes a single mass and if you want to reapply another layer of sealant over the old one, it will not stick and fall off. In such cases, it is necessary to remove all the old layers and re-seal.
Types of silicone sealants
Mainly silicone sealants are classified into three.
1. High Modulus Acetoxy
Used in interior applications such as interior draft ceilings around doors or windows, electrical components and kitchen units
2. Low Modulus Neutra
Made for exterior applications due to their excellent adhesion and weatherproofing properties, for sealing joints in concrete, panel joints, weatherproofing properties, UPVC window or door frames, porous cement-based materials, etc.
3. Low modulus acetoxy Low Modulus Acetoxy Silicone Sealants These sealants are a low-cost ole index. These are sanitary (when containing fungicide), fabric for building, exterior & interior applications, and adhere to common building materials.
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